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Little Women

a staged reading

Monday, June 3

3pm at New 42 Studios

Like how a book allows you to bring the story to life through imagination, our Little Women has pared down the production elements to give the audience the freedom to envision the March family's world in their own way. The attic is theirs to imagine, theirs to create, theirs to hold onto long after leaving the theatre. We give them just enough to guide their visions in and through the world Louisa May Alcott created, using minor production elements and Alan's book, Mindi's lyrics, and Jason's music. In paring this production down, it allows for our audiences to focus in on the words and music, to find a deeper connection to the story.

Bringing our audiences literally closer and removing the presentational feel, we can invite them into the story to make it theirs, to feel they are a part of this. Every little girl has dreamed of being a March sister, and to get to feel like you’re in their attic bringing Jo’s stories to life with them is just magic. 

As a good portion of the show is a memory play, seen through Jo's eyes, we're not necessarily seeing things as they were, but how she remembers them. And, as memory is flickering and sometimes incomplete, we don’t need the fully-formed picture with every set piece and detailed costumes. We need the essence of her story and her characters, and this is how we can achieve it.

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“Baldwin brings such a warmth to the role, embodying Marmee with poise and skill.
The sheer emotion – pain and sorrow, joy and love – interwoven into Baldwin’s rendition of Days of Plenty will move you.”


“Caughell brings that spark to life with ease...
a truly stunning performance”


“A wonderful evening of storytelling from a talented company of performers...performed with care, dynamic direction, and powerful voices...well-conceived and truly enjoyable.”


“The best concept for a musical reading I have ever witnessed!”


“This production made me appreciate the show in an entirely new way.”

If you are interested in joining us to bring this vision to its next stage, we'd love to hear from you!

You can reach Lorah Haskins & Kate Simone,

the co-founders of Connecticut Stage Company, at 

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