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About CSC

Our Mission

Connecticut Stage Company is dedicated to producing quality theatrical performances with and for our community. We strive to inspire, educate, and entertain. CSC is an artistic haven for creators, storytellers, and supporters of the arts.

The Founders

kate lorah arts musicals about

Kate & Lorah

Born the same month of the same year, but on opposite sides of the country, Kate & Lorah found each other in New Canaan and the rest is history!
Kate grew up in New Canaan and was one of the first students at The Studio. After getting her BFA in Musical Theatre from Syracuse and working as an actress around the country, Kate & her husband now live in New Canaan with their three sweet kids.
Lorah grew up in Wisconsin and got her degree in Acting at UW-Madison, then came out to New Canaan in 2010 to take over The Studio. 

13 years later, they've joined forces to bring more theatre to our beloved community!

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